​My name is Ali & I am just your average former junk food addict turned fit nut. With all seriousness, before I began my journey I lived off pizza, chips, mashed potatoes & cake. Reesee’s & a can of pepsi were the BEST THINGS in the world to me. I barley excersized, & if I did it was just to “be cute.” 

   I began my fitness journey shortly after giving birth to my now 6 year old daughter Arielle. I didn’t want to watch her grow up from the bleachers. I wanted to be able to run around & play with her without being out of shape. I also wanted to look good in pictures with her, that way I would be proud when she looked back on them.

 It took me a little over a year to reach my goal. I know every excuse & distraction because I used them myself. I always got it together & kept pushing through them all. Identifying & understanding my motivation was an important aspect to my success. 

 Having people on your team who support & encourage you are also a great addition. My “pack” supported me the whole way & allowed me to use them as my test clients & through my journey helped me discover my passion for training. I began signing up for webinars & took online classes & soon began my career as a personal trainer. 

 Watching people discover their inner strength & successfully push themselves brings me so much joy. There’s no greater feeling than presenting your client with a challenging workout & watching them execute it perfectly!